Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet Peeve #24: People who gift wrap cards.

The only person I know to do this is my mother, but I am sure there are more people in the world who commit this heinous crime. I do not think I alone should have to go through this, so I am writing this pet peeve to help everyone. I mean……………listen………..seriously. It is a card (straight face). Cards are not meant to be gift wrapped. It comes with its own distinct packaging called, (music please) “The envelope”. I know it is the holiday season and we wrap presents, but not cards! Having to unwrap a card is a traumatic experience. So in the spirit of Christmas, STOP IT! UGH!


  1. hahahaha@ right about that.. I receive card wrap with gift rapt as well... but I don understand they are kids and they just want their cards to look better hehe...

  2. This is new to me....I have never seen a card gift wrapped!! It is unusual.