Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet Peeve #23: People on Section 8 who pay their rent late.

The pet peeves are global, so I am going to explain Section 8 before I describe my feelings on this pet peeve. Section 8 is a program that helps low-income families with their rent. It provides a rental voucher that will cover their entire rent or a portion. The program is for low-income families and their rent can be free or as low as $20.00 a month for housing that cost $800.00 a month. This is a great program that helps a lot of families, but I do not get how people on this program pay their rent late. The rent is structured at a price the participant can afford, so what is the problem?!? This pet peeve does not apply to everyone on Section 8, but it applies to people who have the money for rent and the people going shopping every week and paying their $8.00 a month rent late. Sad thing is that I knew someone who had Section 8 and got evicted for paying their $8.00 a month rent late. How trifling is that? You could hustle $8.00 on the streets if needed. You trying to be all “You Fancy, Huh” and you can’t pay your Section 8 rent on time. You have no excuse! In the words of Soulja Boy, “GET OUT MY FACE”! STOP IT! UGH!


  1. Or why not pay your rent for the entire year if it's only $8. That would be less than $100. I'm with you on this one.