Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pet Peeve #26: Dumb people who think they are smart.

People are people no matter of their status, income, location and etc. We all come from the same stuff. However, there is something about a dumb person who thinks they are smart that allows me to believe they come from another place. Dumb in this case is not lack of knowledge or doing stupid things. These types of dumb people are dumb because they think they are smart. I don’t ever get it. They say and do the craziest things, and when you do not get it, you are now the dumb person. For some reason, they have the nerve to look down on other people as if they are stupid. Really though? You just created some foolishness, and now I am slow because it makes no sense? WHATEVER! Smart people never use their knowledge to look down on others. If they do, they are not smart. Dumb people who think they are smart, STOP IT! UGH!


  1. Yep - cen't stand dumb people who think they are smart. We call them "over wise" people or in my language - gujarati - literally translated we call them 1.5!! (over Smart with 1 being normal!!)