Monday, December 13, 2010

Pet Peeve #25: People whose breath smells so bad you can smell it while their mouth is closed.

On several occasions, I have been enjoying life and minding my own business while I was attacked off guard by bad breath. It just smells as if someone is cooking dog crap in 100 degree weather. My initial response is nothing, but a sheer reaction of this unlawful smell. I immediately began looking to see if I stepped in dog crap while I am saying and thinking, “What the Duck is that”! Amazingly my eyes always single out one person in a crowd. Their mouth is closed so my eyes wander to find this “Bad Breath Attacker”, but my eyes return to the first person, Suspect #1. The problem with Suspect #1 is that their mouth is closed. After arguing with my eyes, I walk closer to Suspect #1 without knowing I am putting my life in danger. I never got face to face with Suspect #1 because the smell was so bad; however, I am able to draw the conclusion that Suspect #1 with the closed mouth is the “Bad Breath Attacker”. Why should everyone be able to smell your breath with your mouth closed? With a scent that awful, Suspect #1 knew their mouth was living a sinful life. That has unquestionably taken foul to the next level, and no matter what you do, you can’t hide your breath. I personally think the bad breath got so awful it decided to find other ways of escaping the closed mouth. People with bad breath and closed mouths worldwide, STOP IT! UGH!


  1. I can't stand bad breathe either. It's awful on the tubes!! The worst thing is when you see a ladies with beautifully made up face with perfect lipstick etc...and they have bad breathe!! Why didn't they brush their teeth instead of plastering on the makeup!! Yuck!!

    1. It's actually more than brushing the teeth. Simply brushing the teeth DOES NOT eliminate bad breathe. You HAVE TO brush the tongue, particular the back of the tongue. Brush it very good and you will feel the freshness in your mouth.