Friday, October 22, 2010

Pet Peeve #3: Competent people who take the elevator to the next floor.

I understand a lot of situations may cause someone to take the elevator to the next floor; however, my problem is not with those people. My building at work has the unfortunate mishap of having fire drills because someone has burned popcorn. Yes, burnt popcorn will cause two 22 and 15 story buildings to evacuate. We spend 15 minutes in the stairway trying to escape, 10 minutes standing outside with sore legs and 20 minutes waiting for the elevator to return to work. Without fail, while waiting for the elevator, I hear someone complaining extremely loudly about the situation. They are upset about the burnt popcorn, the trip down the stairs, and now, the long wait for the elevator. I get on the elevator, and the people push their floor, and this same person who was complaining pushes the number 2. OMG! You are going to the second floor. You waited in line for almost 30 minutes to avoid 1 flight of stairs. Everyone in the elevator is sooooooooooo heated and once they get off someone will say, “They could have taken the stairs”. People who are perfectly able to go up one flight of stairs do this all over in America. STOP IT! Ugh!

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