Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pet Peeve #4: Grown women with fake baby hair sideburns.

I understand this pet peeve may seem a tad bit unrealistic, but there are women who do this with their hair. One morning I saw a woman with sideburns. Having sideburns is not a problem, but if you are creating sideburns with gel and are over 9, we have a major problem. To be honest, you might be ousted from your friends at the age of 9. My face froze as my mind went into full speed trying to comprehend this look. I came up with nothing, and there were no obvious medical or hair problems. This woman actually decided to rock this hair style. She got up in the morning, parted her hair, added gel and laid it down the side of her face. Who does that in 2010? With the advancement of weave and wigs, no one should ever have to gel their hair to their face. STOP IT! Ugh!


  1. Ever think that this woman may have medical hair loss and is trying to disguise it? As someone with medical hair loss who has actually looked into realistic fake sideburns, I know for a fact that those of us who resort to something like that are grasping at maintaining some sense of dignity because of judgmental people. Like you. Think before you type.