Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pet Peeve #51: Uninvited Visitors!

I really do not understand why people show up to someone’s house unexpected and uninvited. I do know the people who tend to do this have no life, poor social skills and little to no friends. Call me or text me first before you come to my house. Give me time to work up a lie (forgive me Lord), so I can explain why now is not a good time to visit. When I am home, I am in my bag on super relax mode. If I wanted to see you, I would have visited, and if I wanted to talk, I would have called you on the telephone.

Why is it that uninvited visitors show up saying, “We thought you wanted company”. Did I say I wanted company? NO! That is just a dumb statement to justify your unexpected visit. When they come in your house they are always hungry, thirsty, or they always walk around the house. When my doorbell rings, I don’t come to the door, but I look out the window. I don’t do well with uninvited visitors and I do not have a problem with screaming from the window, “STOP IT! UGH”!


  1. Whilst I too am not too keen on uninvited guests- I love having company and entertaining them.

  2. Hey Mina! I will make sure I call you before I come over. ;) lol