Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pet Peeve #18: People who are in denial about their size and wear tight clothing.

Through out the years, I have experienced weight gain and loss. With either side of the coin, I have learned all the tricks of wearing clothing that is too small or too big. However, I am no magician, so I understand I can only hide this problem temporarily and only with certain clothing. Keywords: No Magician, Temporarily and Certain Clothing. I just feel as those are certain words people who are gaining weight should consider every time they get dressed. I am so perturbed when I see people who are gaining weight or just people who wear small clothing.

1) It looks so uncomfortable.
2) It is not safe.
3) You are showing more than people want to see.
4) You are killing that poor fabric.

I can just hear the cotton say, “I can’t work under these conditions”! I am not talking about one size too small, but two or more sizes too tight. I encourage everyone to look in the mirror and make an honest assessment. I predict that a few people reading this blog will realize that it is time to buy new clothing that fits. I make a plea to the world to please not squeeze your body into tight clothing. You must STOP IT! Ugh!


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  2. No problem Dundee. As you take public transportation in a big city you will see these pet peeves and more.