Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pet Peeve #17: When people use the bathroom, only do a #1 and it smells.

Public bathrooms are always a mystery, because you never know what to expect. Opening the door to any public bathroom provides a risk. Things that can attack in a public bathroom come in three forms: invisible germs, unsightly waste and horrible smells. I am able to somewhat cope when the smell comes from someone doing a #2 to 10.5. I just do not understand how people can light up a bathroom by just doing a #1. I know what you are thinking. The smell is different which allows me to jump to the conclusion. To be honest, I think the smell is worst than a #2 to 10.5 smell, because it contains something extra that kills your lungs at the first smell of contact. I have been in some bathrooms where peeing on myself seemed like a better suggestion than staying in the bathroom and face possible death. What is going on with the hygiene of others? You should not have a #1 smell that is considered a deadly weapon. I need people with this foul smell to STOP IT! Ugh!

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