Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pet Peeve #8: People who wear socks with sandals.

WHY LORD WHY LORD WHY!!!! I just don’t understand why/how people wear socks and sandals. I am not talking about the athletic slip-on shoes athletes wear after a game or practice but straight up sandals. It is such an eye sore and one of the biggest fashion blunders ever. I just do not get how people will rock flip flops with socks or any sandal with socks. That is just so wrong on every level possible. We have options in the shoe world. If your feet are cold, wear shoes!!! Chocolate and Nuts are a great team. Peanut butter was made for Jelly, but socks and sandals are like oil and vinegar. They will never agree. If your feet are ugly or you need a pedicure, once again, WEAR SHOES!!! STOP IT! Ugh!


  1. I agree! I've never understood socks with sandals.

  2. Even worse sandals with dress socks or birkenstocks and socks with toes..... ugh!