Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pet Peeve #1: Blind people alone on public transportation or in a metropolitan area.

I work in downtown Philadelphia, PA, and while downtown I usually have the unfortunate opportunity to see blind people alone. Being blind and alone is dangerous and in my eyes, it is the equivalent to drunk driving. They are both not safe. I believe most blind people prefer independence, but remain independent in an area with less traffic and people. Downtown is dangerous enough for the average person. When a blind person gets off the bus they appear so lost while dangerously waving their walking stick. Now not only is the blind person in danger, but innocent people have joined the danger club, as well. What makes matters worst is when they ask for directions. They can not see, and they are lost, great! Being alone and blind in a metropolitan area is horrific but lost as well should come with jail time. It is all about safety! STOP IT! Ugh!

This post is simply for entertainment purposes and my MAIN concern is SAFETY!!!!! 

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