Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pet Peeve #6: When people sit next to me on the bus and there are 15 open available seats.

I would take the bus to work and my stop was one of the first stops, so seating was always abundant. There was a particular window seat I preferred and my stop would allow me to sit there every day. I am sitting on the bus getting my mind right for a day of work. Everything is peaceful until someone sits next to me on the bus. It is 7:15 in the morning and someone has just tested my gangster! Are YOU Serious?! This person just walked by 15 open available seats and walks to the back of the bus to sit next to me. Not a guy trying to talk to me, but it is always some random lady in her middle 50’s. Foolishness on all levels! I gave her a few minutes thinking she will realize sitting next to me is pointless, but she does not move. Watching more people get off the bus is adding fuel to the fire and the lady does not move. Eventually I gave the lady the 3 second stare and just got up and sat at another seat. I just do not feel like people respect the personal space of other people these days. STOP IT! Ugh!


  1. Keisha,

    Irritating I know but... you have to realize this lady thought she was 'safe' by sitting next to you ~ so no-one she wasn't comfortable could sit next to her! Sad to be thought of as 'safe' but...

    At least you didn't end up having the lunatic sitting next to you that used to happen to me on buses in London all of the time .... :D

    Laine D

  2. @Laine- She could have sat across from me. lol Really felt like she violated my space.