Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pet Peeve #44: When people sing while waiting in line.

It is a typical morning, and I am extremely too tired to function at work. On days like that my morning is sponsored by none other than Starbucks. I do not like coffee, but I am a fan of coffee products. It is not even 8 o’clock in the morning, and I am standing in this incredibly long line at Starbucks. I am a tad bit flustered because there is another Starbucks two blocks away, but I assume everyone wanted to visit the same Starbucks as yours truly. I am in line with two eyes fighting to open, and I hear this sound. I hear the sound of someone signing. In my Stewie Griffin voice, I am thinking, “I hear singing. Who is singing”? The guy in front of me was apparently some vocal student or something, and he decided to do his warm up exercises while waiting in line.

Sidebar-This pet peeve is similar to Pet Peeve #11: When people rap or sing aloud in public places; however it is a little different. No one actually likes to wait for anything, which may explain why we pay extra money for the fastest service or product of almost everything. Therefore, people waiting in line are a little disturbed due to the wait. This pet peeve comes with a different level of pissivity.

Dude in line was going at it with the vocal warm ups. I wanted to kick him in the face and give him his coffee. No one wants to hear you sing in line, especially early in the morning. Stop doing auditions while people are waiting in line. SO RUDE! STOP IT! UGH!

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