Monday, March 7, 2011

Pet Peeve #43: People who do not park between the lines.

O to the M to the G!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parking outside of the given lines is just selfish! When people do not park between the lines it just messes up everything. Yes, your car is parked. Good job. However, no one can park next to you, or they have to risk their life trying to get out of their car. How disrespectful!!!!!!!! When I see a car parked next to me outside of the given lines it just means, “Mess my car up as needed”. Are you REALLY serious?!?! You cannot park next to someone and give them 3 inches to get out of the driver’s side. You also cannot also them to be kool with it and climb out of the passenger side door. Just writing about this is getting me all flustered and what not. Ugh! I am a peaceful person, and we at The Chronicles of Boston promote nonviolence, but if someone does not park between the lines and gives you no room to get out, do what you got to do. Handle your business! If you see them say, STOP IT! UGH! And then add a drop kick.

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