Monday, November 17, 2014

Pet Peeve #64: Uneven and Poor Distribution found in Burritos

Unfortunately there is a horrific trend in popular Mexican restaurant chains making poor burritos. Sure you recall taking a bite of your burrito to find your mouth is full of rice and then the second bite, full of beans. Instead of enjoying your burrito, you spend your time searching and praying one bite will at least contain all the components you ordered. Therefore, please feel my pain and enjoy listening to Rant 2: Uneven and Poor Distribution found in Burritos. 

Pet Peeve #63: Fire challenge, Go to Sleep Challenge and the rest of the challenges.

For some reason I care to know who is the first air head to attempt the fire challenge. Since it became a challenge I have reasons to believe they failed and why everyone thinks they can successfully set themselves on fire.  I am sick and tired of reading a nice inspiration quote on Facebook for the message to disappear and replaced by either a video of the fire or go to sleep challenge. Therefore, please feel my pain and enjoy listening to Rant 1: Fire challenge, Go to Sleep Challenge and the rest of the challenges.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pet Peeve #62: Waiting in the parking lot for your fast food order.

When thinking about this pet peeve, I am thinking the vast menu selection has brought about this problem. For the most part, we visit a drive-thru because it is fast and we do not have to get out of the car. However, there has been a growing trend of fast food businesses asking you to wait in the parking lot and we will bring out your order. It is like curbside gone wild! The key here is “FAST” food. It should be ready when you place your order. Just that simple, yet we are finding ourselves waiting in the parking lot as if the order is cooked to serve. Get it together fast food businesses and please have our order ready at the window. Just Stop it! Ugh!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pet Peeve #61: People who do not put pictures in a picture frame.

I just really feel like we need to draw the line somewhere regarding this pet peeve. You can get away with putting a wallet size photo in an 8 x 10-photo frame. There are actually some great creative ways to hang a photo without a frame, but I am not talking about those cases. I am talking about people who lean their photos against an object with no picture frame. Then it will get to the point where people end up dusting the photo and not the frame. To be honest, I am at peace with one photo with no picture frame, but at some point we must say, “enough is enough”! I do not get how people can have ten 8 x 10 size photos and bigger in their house with no picture frame. To take this matter even further, how about the people who put a thumbtack in the middle of the photo and hang it on the wall. Please keep in mind; I am talking about professional photos. I am officially drawing the line and saying, Stop it! Ugh!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pet Peeve #60: Christian music artist who lose weight and pose in a tight dress on their CD cover.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Just stop it! Lawd Jesus! Who in the hell left the gate open and told Christian music artist they should pose like this is JET Beauty of the Week. I do understand the importance of taking care of the temple (body) as instructed by the bible. I also understand the commitment and work ethic it takes to lose weight; however, must artist parade their weight loss in a tight dress on their CD cover. I do not get it. Are we selling Jesus or your new weight loss plan? Share in concert or interviews your struggle to lose weight and end with a praise break. You cannot lose 40 pounds and appear on your next CD cover wearing a tight sequence dress. I am also not saying you should wear a full-length robe, but just stop trying to give the people something more than Jesus. Stop it! Ugh!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pet Peeve #59: Women who leave urine on the toilet seat.

Most times when women have to use the bathroom, they do not have time to play. It is a race against your bladder, which for some reason it becomes more active once you enter the bathroom. Since the early years of life, females learn two public bathroom methods: swat or cover the seat in toilet paper. Covering the seat works best for females who do a #2, have trouble with swatting or have bad knees. The swatting method works best when females are in a rush and have to do a #1. I do not have a problem with the covering of the seat method, but I do have a problem with females swatting with bad aim. Not only do they swat with bad aim, but also they leave urine on the entire seat. I cannot count on one hand how many times I ran in and out of bathroom stalls to find toilet seats filled with urine. How hard is it to wipe the seat with toilet paper once you are done peeing on the seat and not the toilet bowl? How do you sleep at night knowing you left a toilet seat full of your urine? I hope not well and to all those women who walk away knowing they sprinkled the toilet seat, Stop it! Ugh!