Monday, June 1, 2015

Pet Peeve 65: Junkie Exposed Backyards

Occasionally while driving I look out the window and check out the houses. I am looking for anything from the cars in front of the house to the quality of grass, wide open curtains that allow you to see the interior, or for sale signs. However, my peaceful experience has been ruin one too many times by the horrible sight of an exposed junkie backyard. Unfortunately, junkie front porches cause the same amount of disgust. A back yard should not look like the best of hoarders or like a third world country threw up in your yard, especially when people can drive by and see everything. Without question I am always left wondering what does in the inside look like and how does it smell. Please understand I am not asking anyone to buy fancy outdoor furniture and premium grass seeds, but clean up your exposed mess or buy a fence.  

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