Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pet Peeve #45: Security Guards who sleep on the job.

O to the M to the G!!!!! I cringe whenever I see a sleeping security guard, and I immediately think, “I don’t feel safe”! I do not expect nor trust a security guard to perform the duties of a police officer; however, I do expect you to monitor your assigned territory. You cannot do that if you are sleep. In my Laurence Fishburne’s voice from School Daze “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPP”!!!!!!!!! Every week at work we have a staff meeting and I always discuss our security measures. We have two security guards for two buildings. One security guard is always into her book and barely lifts her head while the other one is sleep. The crazy thing about the sleeping security guard is that he sleeps at the beginning of his shift. Are you serious? Dude, you just got here. Why are you knocked out when you have been on the clock for 10 minutes? I don’t feel safe at work!!! I need you guys to support this blog, so I can quit and go somewhere safe. If you find a sleeping security guard, take a picture and send it to their boss. We are taking a stand against sleeping security guards worldwide. After you take your picture get in their face and yell “STOP IT! UGH”!


  1. Thanks for explaining more about your safety and security! It was very interesting. Do you keep extra supplies on safety measures?

  2. I think people under-estimate the role and duties that security guards play in society. Security Guards are professionals and they are licensed and trained guys providing security for the businesses and even individuals.