Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pet Peeve #32: The United States Postal Service.

OMG!!!!!!!!! I am not saying that every post office is the worst, but I will say the post offices I use are the worst. My issues are the line, the poor level of customer service and the lack of staff. Yesterday I went to the post office, and the line was at the door. I said, “Ummmmmmmmmm ok. I will return later in the day”. I returned later in the day to find the line at the door, again. I decided to visit another post office after work. I visit another post office to find 30 people in line. I stood on line for 15 minutes and the line NEVER moved. Why am I waiting in line as if I am waiting to get on the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure. El Diablo! What bothers me the most about each post office was that they both had two people working behind the counter. Really though? Two people working and the line is at the door. It kills me because they move as if there are two people in line waiting to be served. Where is the sense of urgency? Can you work on moving the line? At times when I wait close to 30 minutes, (on a good day) they have the nerve to give me attitude. R U Serious!?! I pay taxes and your salary! Due to a few random shootings by postal workers people are scared to say something in the event a postal worker decides to go postal and kills everyone. However, I am no punk and to every horrible post office, STOP IT! UGH! And bring back the stamp machines too!                                  


  1. Yes, I wasn't impressed by the US Post Office either. They aren't too bad here in the UK. Plus they do a lot more services here.

  2. I am sure. I am going to visit a post office in the UK whenever I cross the seas.