Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pet Peeve # 33: People who do not wash each piece of silverware when doing the dishes.

Whenever I need to use silverware or any dish I expect whatever I use to be clean. I am using this bowl, cup, plate, knife, spoon or fork trusting that the person who did the dishes cleaned each piece of dishware properly. HOWEVER, I am learning that people are living foul and not cleaning each piece of silverware. Instead, they group them together and run water over them. OMG! That is so disgusting! That is like getting wet in the shower and not washing your body. If you eat with each piece of silverware, then each piece should be cleaned the way it was used, separately! I have also realized this is a hidden action that most normal people will not admit when asked. Without making it too obvious, watch someone do the dishes, and you will discover the reason behind the swine flu, bird flu or the flu in your household. Once you witness this despicable action take place you say, “STOP IT! UGH”!

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