Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pet Peeve #61: People who do not put pictures in a picture frame.

I just really feel like we need to draw the line somewhere regarding this pet peeve. You can get away with putting a wallet size photo in an 8 x 10-photo frame. There are actually some great creative ways to hang a photo without a frame, but I am not talking about those cases. I am talking about people who lean their photos against an object with no picture frame. Then it will get to the point where people end up dusting the photo and not the frame. To be honest, I am at peace with one photo with no picture frame, but at some point we must say, “enough is enough”! I do not get how people can have ten 8 x 10 size photos and bigger in their house with no picture frame. To take this matter even further, how about the people who put a thumbtack in the middle of the photo and hang it on the wall. Please keep in mind; I am talking about professional photos. I am officially drawing the line and saying, Stop it! Ugh!

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