Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pet Peeve #48: When parents say their child is 25 months.

Before I begin, I must credit the frustration of my good friend Tiara for bringing this wrongdoing to my attention. The Pet Peeves are quite popular, and I usually get request to write on individual Pet Peeves. However, the request must be something that annoys me as well. So I must give a special thanks to Tiara for giving us Pet Peeve #48.

Tiara told me that she came across a father who said his child was 25 months. STOP IT!! He needs to have his man card revoked! I need pediatricians to please tell all parents to stop using months to describe their child’s age if they are over the age of 13 months. To be honest, you should stop once they are one. Really though? What is the point? Is your child 72 months or 6? No one should have to start doing math in their head to determine a child’s age. Sad thing is that parents teach their children years to explain their age while parents are still using months. Can we say confusion? When a parent tells me their child is any age between 14 months and over, I question the parental ability to raise that child. Not only do I doubt, but I also lose interest, and I begin to think, “STOP IT! UGH”!


  1. The thing is up to the age of 3 there is a lot of food for children that says "for 18 months" and so on. Only a person who has never raised a child thinking about the stage of their development (physically and feeding stage) cannot understand the use of months vs years in the age of a child. That's why months matter and parents talk in months when discussing the age of their children. The only problem is that you're not a parent (or not a parent that cares about such things) and that's why you see something wrong with this.

    1. Furthermore, the fact that you hate math doesn't prove a person's disability to raise a child, on the contrary - a person who doesn't know the usage of months in a child's age up to the age of 3 is NOT capable of raising a child properly.