Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pet Peeve #57: People with dental insurance who do not visit the dentist.

Please understand this pet peeve is not about people who do not have dental insurance or even people with dental insurance and high co-pays. This pet peeve is about people with good dental insurance who do not visit the dentist. From my experience, I learned a simple dentist visit is free or will have the lowest co-pay. However, I do not get why people do not go. You pay for it but never go to the dentist. That is selfish! Why!?!?
1)   The bacteria you allow to grow in your mouth is giving off a foul killer smell to everyone you encounter.
2)      Not going to the dentist is just agreeing to have yuck mouth, yellow teeth and piano mouth.
3)    You are pushing yourself closer to the grave! Some forms of cancer are detected through a dental visit. Do not panic. However, who wants to die with bad teeth and cancer?!?! Not a good look.

Therefore, October is now National Take Anyone You Know to the Dentist Month. Save a life or even save someone from bad breath and take him or her to the dentist. Stop it! Ugh!

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