Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pet Peeve # 22: When people wash and reuse plastic utensils.

Plastic utensils differ from silverware, because they are disposable. Their usage is only intended to be used once and once you are done, they go in the trash. Unlike silverware, you do not need to put them in the sink or dishwasher, because they are disposable and that might explain why you can not buy one plastic fork, spoon or knife. Keyword: Disposable. I am so bothered when I see plastic utensils in the sink or dish rack. Are you serious? I have gotten into arguments with my mother, because I would throw away her reused plastic utensils. I even think people take it too far with the plastic containers they get from take-out restaurants. I will agree that some of the more sturdy higher quality containers are good to keep, but not all of them. When I see plastic utensils in the sink or dish rack I throw them away, but seeing take-out containers calls for a talk. Please, stop trying to save disposable things! STOP IT! UGH!


  1. I have to disagree with you here. Having grown up in Africa and seen the poverty, I have learned to appreciate and reuse some of the plastic disposables. People in Kenya often beg for the plastic bottles we drink out of so that they can use it for carrying their water, oil or even paraffin!!

    If you wish to throw them out, please recycle them.

  2. @ Mina- I see you’re thinking. This is something that mainly applies to the USA. Even poor people throw out plastic utensils unless they are homeless, but I am sure some do as well. Even homeless people can be picky on what you provide. Spoiled Americans we are! smh