Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pet Peeve #19: People who take babies to the movies…..That is so annoying!!!

I currently do not have any children; however, I did have a dog at once (RIP Kirby). I understood with having a dog I could not take him everywhere. I could not take him to certain places, because he was either prohibited or would cause too much trouble, so he would not come along. That was understandable, because it came with the territory of having a dog. Babies are not necessary prohibited from certain places, but it is still not wise to take your infant everywhere. For an example, THE MOVIES! I have never known any baby to keep quiet in the movies. Babies make noise sleeping, eating, crying or just sitting still. If the baby is awake then the guardian at the time will spend time entertaining the baby to stop him or her from crying. Oh yeah! Some brilliant people even give the baby a toy that makes even more noise. Sad thing is it is always a rated R movie. Just wonderful. Start the babies off young. I need there to be a crackdown on babies at the movies. Stay home! Wait until it comes out on rental or invest in On Demand or Netflix. Please stop taking babies to the movies. Movies cost too much to hear your child screaming. STOP IT! Ugh!

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