Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pet Peeve #10: When someone’s breath smells early in the morning.

Bad breathe can make the most attractive people look awful. A person can have a fantastic job, nice car, flawless credit, no children, a house, and everything you ever wanted in a future mate. However, if they have bad breath, they might as well be homeless with a methamphetamine drug addiction. Bad breath is always a given deal breaker with anyone. It is unfortunate, but bad breath in the morning is even worst. I am not talking about when you just get up, but I am talking about when you get to work, church, on the morning bus ride or etc. I am always thinking, “Didn’t you just brush your teeth”? How does your breath rock if you just bushed your teeth before you came out? If you did not brush your teeth, who does that? You really came out in public without brushing your teeth?!? *SHIELDS* If you did brush, Dude! Your mouth is still rocking? Get that problem fixed. Stop coming out like that. STOP IT! Ugh!


  1. Oh yes!!! and the mouth is so close to the nose, what I don't get is how can't one feel their own bad breath! and what about people who have bad bad body odour :(


  2. @ Hajra- You are making perfect sense! Bad BO is the worst as well. Either one can knock you out!