Friday, May 6, 2011

Pet Peeve #53: Osama Bin Laden and the media.

Really though? Photoshop though?

I was watching Celebrity Apprentice, and I read the television say, “President Obama has an important announcement to make in ten minutes”. To be honest, I was concerned. I am an extremist at times, and all possible thoughts raided my mind. I was thinking they would just allow the news to scroll across the screen, but when they cut off Celebrity Apprentice, I knew it was serious business. SN: I did not find out who got kicked off until two days later. Smh I had mixed feelings when I heard them announce our dearly departed terrorist Osama Bin Laden was not only caught, but dead. I thought, “Well at least America won’t go crazy and begin celebrating in the streets like some countries overseas, but I thought wrong, however, I digress….”.

I understand the death of Bin Laden is big news, but why is it always the top story on the news EVERY NIGHT? Why must is it always a news story on the news? Are you serious? What happened to Japan? Is everything OK in Japan even though they just had a major crisis not too long ago? OMG! Can we stop? What is up with wanting to see his picture? No, what is up with the fake dead pictures of Bin Laden? Once again in my Ed Lover voice “C’mon Son”! I just feel like someone is going to come out with a movie about his life next year. He is dead! Go back to the rest of the world’s issues and stop talking about Osama Bin Laden every night on the news. STOP IT! UGH!

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